For Management Teams

for Management Teams

The MDD process helps the team by providing an objective, insightful perspective on each individual in the team, and on the team as a whole, highlighting strengths and areas to build on to hit the business growth aspirations.

For Investors

for Investors

We understand the subtleties of people and what drives them, so that investors have a detailed view of the team they are investing in – strengths and limitations, and then understand the support they may need and how to get the best from them to deliver the business plan.

Our Approach

Prelude has worked closely with over 130 management teams to date and so we understand the pressures of the Private Equity deal process.

Investors back the people, and the plan, in that order. So, our approach is a practical one, to get a deep understanding of the individuals and the team, so that we can determine motivation, skillsets and any potential gaps so that the team is best placed to deliver on the plan.


We understand your pressures, and the many work streams you’ll have going on, and so we will work around your schedules to minimise disruption to your business.


We assess, really listen, to truly understand so that we can develop a new perspective and offer direct practical advice to the team, the individuals and the Investors.


We work in a spirit of openness so that it is not a ‘tick-box’ exercise, but adds real value and so we share the assessments and reports with the team.


Our focus to help the team be in the best shape for the new phase of growth; individually, as a group and in working with their new Investors.

How it works


1. Assess

Each of the team will be set up with some online assessment activities to be completed before we meet. These are personality and behaviour questionnaires and they are really helpful as a jumping off point for discussion. There are no right or wrong answers and they’ll take up to an hour to complete.


2. Meet

Next we meet with each person for an hour or so to get to know them as individuals, and to discuss the team and the business. And we’ll explore the results of the personality questionnaires and what it means ‘in real life,’ and provide coaching and advice if it’s helpful.


3. Feedback

Then we’ll write a report for the investors, which informs their investment decisions. We’re happy to share this with the CEO or the wider team once the deal is completed and things have settled down. We’re always happy to discuss the feedback with the team or with investors to help support the growth of the business.

Ongoing Support

4. Ongoing Support

Often there is an area that the team wants to work on post deal, whether it be recruiting a new director, coaching and advice to some of the team or helping the team work more effectively together, we use our knowledge of the team and the business plan to help them get it right.

Ongoing support from Prelude Consulting

We were introduced to Prelude whilst going through the due diligence process. Our Leadership team really enjoyed the individual sessions with Bill and Angharad, the feedback was given in a very direct and honest way. Their expert opinions on individual and group dynamics was very insightful and scarily accurate. It has proved extremely useful in driving stronger and more honest professional relationships between the senior team and in giving real focus on personal areas for development. Everyone, without exception, gained valuable insight into themselves and others, Bill and Angharad were extremely professional and the consultation left everyone very motivated to achieve our overall business goals.
— Stuart Wilson, CEO, Blue Bay Travel