No compromising! Recruiting for Cultural Fit at Push Doctor

Push Doctor are growing at a phenomenal rate, and part of their challenge is bringing in new hires with the right attributes. Because it is such an exciting, buzzy business, the assumption could be made that it would be a laid back, fun, atmosphere, you know all Xboxes and table tennis. This assumption would be flawed! So, they asked us to help. We interviewed existing staff and asked what it was like there, why did they join, was it like they thought it would be, what made people successful, what made people leave. From this we were able to identify, (in proper words, not consultancy models, or generic terms), exactly what attributes made people successful at Push Doctor. We then created an online assessment tool which accurately measured these attributes. Those that do not match, are not invited to interview, but receive a helpful, developmental profile, outlining their strengths and suggestion as to the sort of work environment where they would thrive. For those who do exhibit the right characteristics, the system produces a profile, which includes an interview guide and questions relating to that particular individual. This means that those candidates who make it through to interview have exhibited the right sort of traits, it has cut down on wasteful interviewing and has made the hiring process more robust, speedy and specific.

We tested the process by putting several tranches of candidates through the system, but allowing those who did not match up through to interview. And in 100% of the cases they did not make it through the interview process.