Why should we do this?

So, you’ve invested in an asset. You’ve undertaken financial, commercial, legal, technical, due diligence. Now how do you know you have the right management team to drive growth? How aligned are they? What are the team dynamics? What is their bandwidth and ability to step up and scale? Where are the gaps? What are their motivations, their drivers? How should you best support and motivate them?

Answering these questions will enable you, as investors, to proactively step up the level of leadership in the business to drive value.

Individual Assessments

Team Assessment

Background, skills and experience Characteristics
Understanding of the market/industryDynamics
Strengths and areas for developmentCohesion and collaboration
Capability to step upBalance
Motivation and driversAlignment
Sense of urgency, energy and commitment Mutual accountability
Leadership style and abilityComparison with other teams
Team building abilityBandwidth
Hiring abilityGaps
Grit and determinationStructure for growth
Ability to take tough decisionsSuccession planning
Main contributions to the teamScalability
Main contributions to the businessCommitment to the CEO as leader
Value to this investment

So, what do we get?


Feedback session with the investors to highlight key issues, so you have a clear and thorough understanding of the team and the individuals to make better informed decisions, take action on gaps, structure, and build a stronger and quicker relationships with the team. In depth analysis report on team and the individuals and an action plan for going forward. 

Management team 

Meet with each of the management team to provide feedback, guidance, coaching and action plans for individuals and the team.  


Meet with CEO to provide guidance and support on the key issues within the team, and on the individuals to provide an external, objective view. Feedback to the CEO and provide personal coaching, guidance and an action plan.



Face to face meetings

Feedback, analysis, unpick


Action plans

Team Ready


Immediately post transaction 

Any combination of… 

Meet with the CEO 

  • A session to discuss the issues, gaps, structure and individuals 

  • Create a plan and timeline for actions 

  • Review their action plan, discuss their motivations, aspirations, fears, future development 

  • Set up ongoing reviews or progress 

  • Provide regular, ongoing support and mentoring 

  Meet with each of the team individually 

  • Review the action plan, discuss their motivations, aspirations, fears, future development 

  • Set up ongoing reviews or progress 

  • Provide regular, ongoing coaching and support 

  Team session 

  • To help the team better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and contributions 

  • Builder a stronger collective 

  • Agree the modus operandi of the team going forward 

  • Create a team action plan 

  Next tier 

  • Assessment of the next level of management 

  • Feedback to each individual agree potential for the future 

  • Provide individual development plans  

  • Create a business-wide succession plan 

  • Provide a ‘light touch’ ongoing coaching and development for this team 


Any combination of…  


Full involvement in planned and ad hoc recruitment to plug gaps in the team, and bring in new hires, given our extensive knowledge of the team and the requirements.  


Provide ongoing feedback and have meaningful dialogue with the investors 


Help get the team, the individuals, and the structure in shape for successful exit 

WHAT we have done!