Experts in people, we also have the technical expertise and capability, in-house, to create intelligent systems to identify, hire, enhance and develop talent for your organisation. Below are some examples.



The marketing specialist recruitment agency were looking to differentiate. We built an assessment process based on Jungian Type, but with a Marketing bent, which also generated specific interview questions for each candidate that the agency and clients can use to help look beyond the obvious.

SAB Miller

SAB Miller had so much opportunity for progression within the company, and they wanted to make sure these opportunities were extended to everyone, so as not to lose talented people. They wanted to create an interactive way for all staff visualise the variety of potential career paths and find information about different roles, including with videos from the current job holders, so that all individuals could plot out several career paths and then look at the pros and cons of each, to help them decide their next career moves and ultimate goals.

Forest Holidays

Forest Holidays came to us as they had a major recruitment drive to support their ambitious growth plans. The problem they had was matching the expectations of candidates as their cabins were very high end, but the setting was out in muddy woods, in all weathers. We designed a recruitment microsite to project what working at Forest Holidays was really like, to include videos of staff, potential career paths and a quiz the answers to which demonstrated what life was really like at Forest Holidays.


ProLabs approached us as they wanted to professionalise and standardise their recruitment process after some mis-hires. We created the whole recruitment system, from online assessment, to modern interview techniques and took all management through a training programme so there was consistency and the highest standards at all levels.

Push Doctor

As well as the recruitment, ‘cultural fit’ assessment system (outlined in the ‘Our work’ section) we were asked to create a personality matching system for one of Push Doctor’s new products which matches personal trainers and nutritionists to clients. Their hypothesis was that their clients would be more successful with their training if they have a trainer they work well with. The easy option would have been to match like with like personalities. However, all our research showed that some personality types would work well with similar personalities, whilst others would not. So, we put together a sophisticated matching process, outlining percentage of match and explaining to the client why with think they will work well with these 3-5 particular experts. For the Personal Trainers and Nutritionists, we produced in-depth insights on their own general personal strengths and areas for development, as well as giving them a detailed report on the best ways of motivating each specific client.

Character Analysis

The Prelude Character Analysis our own free, online personality assessment that correlates exactly with Myers Briggs Type Indicator yet has only 36 questions and so it takes around 3 minutes to complete. It also has a ‘type comparison’ section where you can compare personality types. It has around 2 million visitors a year: