The Prelude Team

Bill McAneny

Phone: 07949170845

Bill McAneny, Managing Director

Bill is an Organisational Psychologist, a Board Advisor to several global organisations and a specialist in Management Due Diligence for Private Equity having undertaken over 120 transactions. Bill is the author of ‘Frankenstein’s Manager,’ and taught psychology to global CEOs at the International Management Academies in Brussels and Stockholm. 

Angharad Jones

Phone: 07951642412

Angharad Jones, Director

Angharad has a Batchelor of Commerce degree, first class honours, from Birmingham. She has a background Masters degree in HR and is MICPD qualified. She is a board advisor to several global organisations, and SMEs across various sectors. She is a specialist in Management Due Diligence for Private Equity having undertaken over 120 transactions.

Lucy Woulfe: Admin, Finance, Creative

Lucy has been with Prelude, with the odd break in between, since 1997. She wears several hats: Admin and Finance, design for the online systems, including our brand, directing and filming the Skilful courses, putting together the animations and making sure that everything in both businesses runs smoothly.

Dan Murfitt, Chief Technology Officer

Dan has a passion for technology and its application to make us more productive, effective and to help us learn. He has built many bespoke, online learning systems and assessment tools for multinational corporates across the world, as well as for smaller, niche operators.

Total dedication to your success



We care deeply about the work we do, and the people we work with. Of course we want to get it right and do the best job we can, but for us it’s important to get under the skin of a business, a team, an individual and we care about what happens to them and how they develop. 


It’s easy to tell people and organisations where they’re going wrong, or what they need to do better but for us it’s about helping them do things better, being in there with them, always, whatever the issue, whenever they need us, trying to support always, to see them progress and be changed for the better because of the relationship we continue to have with them. 



We hold the mirror up to organisations, teams and individuals, providing an analysis that is in-depth and factual, insightful and evidence based, keying in on the main issues, and issues that hadn’t been considered. But we do this is in a careful, supportive and respectful way, focusing on the positives and potential of what they could be like.  


We’re open, transparent and happy to tell it like it is, good and bad, direct but never harsh, focusing on solutions, what can be done differently and moving things forward and making them better for everyone as a result. Being direct doesn’t have to be negative, it’s about being honest and insightful, then focusing on what needs to happen and how they can do that.