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We were introduced to Prelude whilst going through the due diligence process. Our Leadership team really enjoyed the individual sessions with Bill and Angharad, the feedback was given in a very direct and honest way. Their expert opinions on individual and group dynamics was very insightful and scarily accurate. It has proved extremely useful in driving stronger and more honest professional relationships between the senior team and in giving real focus on personal areas for development. Everyone, without exception, gained valuable insight into themselves and others, Bill and Angharad were extremely professional and the consultation left everyone very motivated to achieve our overall business goals.
— Stuart Wilson, CEO, Blue Bay Travel
Tony and I went through an assessment process with Bill and Angharad as part of LDC investing in our business. Whilst we were both very sceptical at first, we found Bill and Angharad to be engaging, setting us at ease to the point where we actually enjoyed the process. Their feedback was frighteningly representative of us and our traits and acted as a real catalyst for reflection, personal development and focus. So much so that we have recently put over 25% of our employees through the process to enable us to identify training needs and opportunities in line with our overall strategic objectives. We could not recommend Prelude more highly
— Tony O'Sullivan, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Chris Eccles, Managing Director, ChargePoint Technology

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